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Sunday, 20 January 2013


    Sunday, 29 June 2008

Remember When - 1960 (A Nostalgia Look Back in Time)
By Staff
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We were young,

We were,
just little ones

We used to play

How we were,
when we were one  
Way back then,
the times were young
Life was easy, for us then

For we had,
our innocence

Play was the only thing,
we knew

Then we grew,
into our lives

Time seemed
to change, their ways

For our eyes were
opened, to the view

Not all
of what we've seen, we liked

For life
only showed, the truth
It was up to us
to face it all

Even though,
it made us cry

at the way, it went

For times were good,
times were bad

Life had its ways,
to cure our blues

It gave us, happiness
and love

With this love,
it gave us pain

For now our eyes,
are opened wide

Now we grown,
into our love

To feel the growing pain,
of impatient youth

Did we try,
to burn our life out

By trying
to do, all we can 

For we thought,
we only had today

How wrong
we were

When we found,
how many mistakes,
we made

By being foolish,
with ourselves

How many times,
did it take to learn

We are
only, what we make

How many loves,
did we lose

By not being,
what we were

Trying to impress,
some little girl, or boy

To show them
you were grown up

A man or woman,
of the world

By doing things
only youth would do

Did you measure,
how big you were

By being the biggest fool,
of them all

Taking chances,
with your life

For it only took
common sense

To know
how wrong, you were

Did we listen,
to ourselves

Only when
it brought us pain

even tragedy

A painful sorrow
to experience

Cost us
life and youth 

When we passed,
the burning years

We saw
how foolish, we had been

how, we got this far

In the year we are in

For now
we are more aware, of life

For we see life
has taught us, many things

Not all
did we want to be, a lesson

For our experiences,
were good 

Only if we learn,
from the bad

Even though
we are older

We still
have allot, to learn

For life has many things,
in store

We can only know,
when it reaches, our door

For how we
receive it,

Will be our gift
or destruction

When we look,

We'll have,
our blessing

For we can look back,
to the good times

To Remember...

A Poeatreeman

Edgar Allan Prieto
June 4,1979
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto

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  1. All families should teach children these facts so that they gain wisdom early enough to change their horizons and by doing so change this miserable Earth....I stress choosing good company: decency and sincerity....strict moral conducts at home....((the ten commandments)) etc...