Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winter Joys ( Ernesto Cortazar- Intermezzo)

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    The Joy of Autumn,
    Holds many, Special Things

    The Holiday Spirit,
    Comes to Fill, the Air

    With the Excitement,
    of a Child

    To Know Christmas,
    will Soon be Here

    Thinking about,
    What is Coming

    In Their Very Own,
    and Special Ways

    For They Hold all, The
    Joys of Autumn

    In Their Play,

    When They Roll upon,
    the Leaves

    Under the Trees,
    to Watch the Leaves

    Falling and Soaring,
    Like an Airplane

    To Think,
    of all the Gifts

    Their Way

    Waiting to be Opened,
    on that Christmas Day

    Under the Tree,
    Where all Their Hopes,
    Came to be

    All the Gifts that Are,
    with Thee

    Is to Watch a Child,
    at Christmas Eve

    Opening Their Presents,
    with Tears of Joy

    Watching the Changes,
    in Their Eyes

    Lighting Like
    the Christmas Tree

    When Love Shines,
    upon Their Face

    Tears Roll down,
    Beneath, the Christmas Tree

    To Reflect the Love,
    of a Child's Joy...

    Dedicated To all the Children

    A Poeatreeman

    Edgar Allan Prieto
    November 20,1978
    Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto