Thursday, June 23, 2011

ERNESTO CORTAZAR - Memories of the fall

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    Are Like The Puddles,
    of my Mind

    Going Back Across,
    Many Traveled Places

    When I Drop
    a Pebble, in my Mind

    To Follow The Memories ,
    I Have Left Behind

    Like The Raindrops
    Falling upon The Land

    Flowing Out,

    To Touch
    a Different, Part of Life

    Thinking about,
    What I Have Done

    In Between,
    The Rings of Life

    Going Further,
    and Further,
    From my Life

    Each Time I Watched,
    The Waves Go Out

    To Take my Mind,
    To Who Knows, Where

    For it always Seems,
    To Never End

    I am always,
    at The Beginning

    For Where Do I End
    and Where Do I Start

    When I Drop The Pebbles
    in my Mind?

    For I See all Things,
    I Have Done

    With all The Things,
    I Could Have Done

    All The Things,
    I Want To Do

    For Each Time,
    I Think

    I Drop a Pebble
    in my Mind

    What, Life Will Bring

    In The Puddles
    of my Mind.,,

    A Poeatreeman

    Edgar Allan Prieto
    November 29,1978
    Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto