Thursday, November 18, 2010

Percy Faith - Somewhere


I am in the middle of nowhere
Yet somewhere I see.

I am at the edge of Eternity
Yet I see Today.

I am at the start of here
Yet Tomorrow will pass my way.

I am at the crossroads of Yesterday
Yet finding where I've been.

I am between here and Eternity
Yet traveling where?

I am at the Bridge of Beyond
Yet one step to take me across.

I am at the end of time
Yet passing time
Beyond all measures.

I am here where I began.


I am here when
I know where is
I am there
When I know what is

Dedicated To Angie

A Poeatreeman

No time to pass,
when left with self
No hands to move,
When time has stopped
No time unless,
I push ahead
No clock to move,
I'm faced with self
One Time to set,
Before it's gone
One hour ahead,
It's not too long
No time to wind,
Just pass Today
No time Tomorrow
I am here Today
Beyond Tomorrow,
I'll find no way.

Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto


I am in the middle,
of Everywhere.

Yet no place,
Will I not be.

I am here,

You must
Look to See.

A Poeatreeman
Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2009 Edgar Allan Prieto

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