Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Infant Light


Under The Tree
Is not once a year,
It is all through Life.

The Presents are there,
Not all will be opened

Each Day is a Gift ,
For Me to open

What I find in it,
Is the Best I put in it

For as I am unwrapping it,
I am tying the bow

The Gift I am giving,
I am making it more

I am putting My Heart in it,
So I can give more

Each Day is a Present,
I can give too

Love is My Best One,
I can give to You

Do not wait for Christmas,
To give it too

Share it Each Day,
You will have it too

No Presents to unwrap,
When Love is Open

Under The Tree,
Let Us Look To Find Peace

Under The Heavens

Let Us Look To God
To Start The Day

For No Greater Gift
Can I Give Humanity

Than To Give Love
Each Day

Keep The Heart Open
Understanding Can Be

Forge With God
That No Sword Will Be Used

Peace Will Come
When Man Loses Hatred

Hope and Love
are The Best I Can Give Today

I Added A Prayer
hat We would Find Our Way

God Willing!
We Will See The Day.

Dedicated To The World

For Each Heart

is One Light On The Tree

A Poeatreeman

A Poet's Note

When You Hang Your Heart Out

Remember The Tears

They Are The Snowflakes
Falling For Years

They Will Blanket Love
 To Cheer The Heart

Remember To Care
You Will Light Up
Wishing For Peace
The Light Will Stay On

Hoping The World
Will Get Along

Asking God
Will Help Us All

I Pray The Hour
Will Not Be Long..

Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto

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