Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the morning light1-Yanni


There's a
Time to be Born
A Time to Cry
A Time to open
up your Eyes
A Time to see
Earths Blue Skies
A Time to Love
and Love your God
A Time to Feel
and Wake your Heart
has Given you a Start.

There's a
Time to Grow
and do your part
A Time to Learn
and Struggle Hard
A Time to Find
What's Right or Wrong
A Time to Face
The Truth of all
A Time to Feel
what Pain is called
A Time to Love
when Love will Call.

There's a
Time to Change
When Seasons Fall
A Time to Think
and Reflect it all
A Time for Hope
when Spirits fall
A Time for God
when all is Lost
A Time to Touch
when Teardrops fall
A Time to Smile
and Bear it all.

There's a
Time for Darkness
When Winter Falls
A Time for Life
to End it all
A Time for Answers
when Death has Called
A Time for Silence
and  Prayer for all
A Time to be Judged
for what is Wrong
A Time to Part
for God has Called.

Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto

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