Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Inspirational Video - Life's Little Lessons


All doors will be open
for you to come in

you must leave
before you enter in

The first time was birth
when I came in

The next were the choices
I left unfilled

The final one!
will stay with me

The doors I entered
he ones I leave

The ones
I never pass through to see.


If I am sorry for the past,
What door did I enter in?

If I am happy for this chance
What door did I open in?

If I learned one thing?
It will be God who opens the door

If I forget!
Remember,  what door I just went in.


One friend who always answer's

Whatever He's right is another matter

We entered into one door

I hope it does not close WITHIN

A Poeatreeman

One door opens, one is left

Close not right to find what's left

For soon you'll wish you were not there

One door to open into where?

Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto

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