Sunday, August 29, 2010


Death awaits Us
and Life does too

I will live
until I see only one

The door is open ,
I am still in the hunt

I have Today
To Reach The Sky

All things are open
until I die

Why should I sit back,
Waiting for it to come?

My days are numbered,
Yet it's only number one

It may be Today
but until it comes?

I will reach for it all,
Until I am done.


Life is too short
to waste on Death

Let me have Tomorrow
to give it a rest

Keep it in Eternity
until I am done

Maybe Tomorrow
I will have my rest.

A Poeatreeman

God awakes
those who rest

Remember the Hour
You just passed

Remember the Path
You walked last

Know You are on it
for the very last

Eternity has come
to be the Path

Know the walk
is just beginning

Know The End
is a New Beginning..

 A Poet's Note

Live each day
the best You can

will be more forgiving

Give it all Today

will be worth living

The cost is what
 I spend Today

I cannot Pay Today.

Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto

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