Saturday, February 11, 2012



Take each stride

To step to life

In each step

Strive for best.

Take the Mountain

To the top

Carry through

all you do.

If it seems

Hard to bare

Know someone's

There with you.

Though the load

Seems more,

Than you can do

Life is only greater!
When it is shared by you.

Into life we must live
Taking each Season

To the top

In our hands

is all we can

The Mountain of life

is life itself.

As with each new peak

it must be climbed

There's only , One 

Who will hold us down

Or one who will hold us up

The will to climb

above ourselves.

The Greatest

is not the Climb To the Top

The Climb who made us

Find our self.

Through all life has to do

To all we must go through

Is to find our reasons

Why we're here

To know

God is there with you..

A Poeatreeman

Edgar Allan Prieto
March 11,1986
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto

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