Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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    A Governmental Policy
    Has to be Defended

    By Those who Fought a War
    and against all Truth

    For the First Barrel to Shoot
    is Deception

    Truth is not Dead
    only Wounded

    But we
    That must Face the Guns

    Are Left with a Battle
    We Sometimes don't Want

    To Fight For Truth
    Or Our Country?

    A War That Rages
    In Each Our Hearts

    To Commit
    To all We Know is True

    To Stand Up
    When Our Country is Calling

    What Voice do I Hear
    and Who is Calling?

    The Drums of War
    Or Truth Being Silenced out?

    I must Know Wrong
    To Have the Answers

    For Truth
    Cannot be a Casualty For Long

    And Government
    Will have to Face it all

    It is our Blood
    That Runs in Red

    It is Our Time
    To make it Right

    It is Our Country
    That We must not Let Die

    It is Our Hearts
    That Can Keep it Alive.


    There are no Credits in War
    Only a Sad Commentator
    For Peace
    Fear is not ignorance!
    Ignorance is War
    For Knowledge
    is the Understanding
    Your Enemy is War
    Strike at it with Wisdom
    Peace will be yours.

    A Poeatreeman

    It is Truth that will let us see it all

    It is God that can protect us all

    Dedicated To All That Held Up Truth

    For You have fallen but not forgotten

    One Day all will be unveiled

    The Cloak of Secrecy Covers us all

    For Truth Spoke The Words,

    He heard what He had said

    My Country must be served,

    Truth will be My Guide

    Honor is My Country,
    If Truth is not to Hide

    Loyalty is My Country,
    If Right is on its Side

    Duty is My Country,
    If I can walk with God

    Honor, Duty, Country,
    Is better Served with God

    Loyalty is Better given
    When Truth is at its side.

    Edgar Allan Prieto
    Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto