Sunday, February 27, 2011



When You Get Old

Have a Bridge

Beneath Your Teeth.

You Can Take

The Highway

To Guide

The String Through.

I Thought

I Would Give You

A New One

To Go

With The Start.

May You Never Be Tied Up

May You Never Tie Up Each

May it Last Until Forever

Till Your Off Your Feet.

May it Straighten Out Your Ways

If You Find Yourselves in Knots

May it Last Through The Seasons
Always Be As Strong.

For If
You Ever Need To Tug
Tug At Me Instead

If You Ever Find A Twist

Remember I Am Tied.

I Am A Shoe Lace

What Do You Think Of This?

I Always WILL Be There For You

If You Need Me For A Bridge

Or Come Show You

I Am The One Tied .

If You Need Me To Expand

I Am Only One Size

You Will Have To Understand

I Am Only That Much Tall.

Bigger Than My String

For My Heart's Inside My Cord

Why Do You Think?

They Made Me Strong .

I Have To Last Until You ARE Gone

One Shoe Lace To Tie The Knot.

A Poeatreeman

If You Tug at Me,
I Can Always,
Keep You Strong
One Two One Two
See How Easy
The Excise is Going..

Getting Strong Yet?
Tug Some More
Don't Cut Me Off..

I Need To Know .
You Care
To Keep
Me Going

I Can Relax ,
I Feel Like
I Was
On A String

No Wonder
I Am A Yo  Yo.

To Bill & Shirley Madidon
Wedding Gift Happy 50th

Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto

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