Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas ORIBEL38 CHANNEL. YOU TUBE | POEATREEMAN on Xanga


He gave us
the most precious
of  gift;

Our gift;
To Love Him

He gave us time
to find Him

Knowledge to learn
the wisdom of Him

He gave us hope
to fill our dreams

to see the light

He gave to us
our humanness

Lit our Heart
so we would
know love

Most of all

He placed Heaven
at our door

We must go
through life,
To find the
right door

Take what life
has to offer
For the end
is not far away....

A Poeatreeman

A Gift is given
has its reward

is a Present
given to Care

You'll find it treats
your fellow man

Helps to open
the door to Heaven

will last
as long as it Cares

Christmas comes
each time you Share

Christmas comes
not once a year

each time

You open
your Heart to Heaven.

Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto


is love unwrapped

Where is the ribbon,
to wrap me up?

Where are your feelings,
 you kept in a box?

Where is love,
is it wrapped,
in a heart?

What do I do,
to open it
all up?

Untie your feelings ,
let them come out

Care for the love ,
 you opened up yourself

Tie it
to another's heart

Keep it open
so all can come in

No need for ribbons
to wrap me again

I am loving
God ,
all he plans

I am giving presents
only love can open

I am giving care
to keep it
from unwrapping

I am taking time
to share this present.

A Poeatreeman

One Christmas light is birth
One Christmas light is hope
One Christmas light is love
One Christmas light is faith
One Christmas light is God
One time to turn them on
One God
will receive your presents

Dedicated to Sarah & Lou Moskowitz
For one love lit my heart
One love will always be present.

Edgar Allan Prieto
Copyright ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto     

The Spirit of Christmas ORIBEL38 CHANNEL. YOU TUBE | POEATREEMAN on Xanga

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